Isaac Rosenthal


Isaac Rosenthal was born in the fatherland of engineers, sausage and tall blond people; Hamburg, Germany. As a young boy he became engrossed, no, obsessed with conceiving, engineering and building anything that would shape up in his wildest imaginations. Engines, cars, and planes. Anything that was loud, greasy. While dreams quickly outrun practicality, filmmaking was the last frontier for somebody who refuses surrendering to growing up in mediocrity. While at HAML (Hanseatische Akademi der Medien Luebeck) university in Germany, he earned a degree in journalism and camera technique. After moving stateside to pursue his passion he enrolled in cinematography and directing courses at the Los Angeles Film School. Soon after he would get his first break as a Cinematographer. A 2nd Unit DP job on the medieval action picture IRONCLAD. His pioneering in small size action camera photography, lead to helping develop cameras that would shoot the hectic “race” scenes on Michael Mann’s LUCK for HBO.

Through his experience behind the camera, Isaac has transitioned into a fledgling commercial director with aspirations to pursue feature projects

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