Craig Barker


Craig Barker is a Director DP, known for capturing realistic and beautiful portraits of life and humanity. His work spans a wide spectrum of diversity from working with star athletes like Serena Williams to capturing glamour and beauty for clients like L’Oreal. As a Director of Photography he has worked with some of the biggest celebrities including Jennifer Lopez. His passion is to craft experiences that help brands connect on a social, human and inspirational level. His favorite part of film making is to collaborate with others so that we may move, inspire, and entertain the viewer. Life as a beautiful form of art, conveying the magic of what it means to be alive. Other highlights of career includes working with rock legend Alice Cooper, filming numerous actors including Jane Seymour, Scott Foley, Sex in the City alumni Kristen Davis, Grey’s anatomy alumni Kate Walsh and William Shatner among others. Clients include Alamo Car Rental, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Disney Resorts, Dyson, Black + Decker, Nissan, Hyundai, and Microsoft.

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