The Arsenal Film & Creative

A Creative Collective

The Arsenal Film & Creative

A Creative Collective

Creative Collective

We are creative thinkers, visual artists, and storytellers that share a common passion for crafting compelling content that push the boundaries. Regardless of size, scope or reach, we call on our collective to create soulful, inspired works that transcends expectation!


Our Core Values

We are a group of like-minded people committed to a thriving work environment based on mutual respect – for each other, for our clients, and for each project we undertake.

01 / Client Partnership

We understand our clients know their brand’s needs best and want to be creatively involved and engaged at every step. So we listen, adapt and operate as a continuation of their process; working side by side as open collaborators to elevate the ideas and concepts entrusted to us.

It is important to adapt creatively and strategically with each project. Our lean operation and decades of experience allows us to do this with speed and precision. When working with The Arsenal Film & Creative you won’t be paying for an overstaffed, top-heavy company; we put the money where it counts, scaling to build the perfect team based on your concept's unique creative and budgetary needs.

02 / Efficient Execution

03 / Team Diversity

Our collective is a true reflection of the diverse audience with whom we strive to connect with. Each one of us presents a unique perspective that challenges the conventional; delivering an effective product that stands out, and stands strong, in this ever-changing landscape.

Services From Script to Screen

From the first spark of an idea to the delivery of a transcendent work of art, we have the people and services to cost-effectively streamline your project through the entire process.

01 / Creative

This is where the exploration of ideas and our creative adventure begins… and we’ve had a lot of adventures! We always start by working hand-in-hand with our clients and make the ideation process truly collaborative. Then we welcome the ideas our designers, directors, producers and post technicians to help broaden the reach of each concept.

Design is art. So we use the latest design software to create stunning visualizations of motion and light for VFX, Motion Graphics, Print and Key Art; to fully engage our imagination.

Our designers are artists who know how to envision focused concepts and visuals that uniquely elevate each project and tell the story of your brand. We use the latest design software to create stunning visualizations of motion and light for VFX, Motion Graphics, Print and Key

02 / Design for VFX / Motion Design

03 / Live Action & Print

A great concept allows for many brilliant strokes of genius to occur on set. So we give our filmmakers, artists, and actors the necessary tools and support to ensure a creative environment that allows them to do their best work. Our experienced Live Action and Print Capture producers tailor each project with the best freelance talent available to support the creative vision while staying on time and on budget.

Our creative post teams have successfully completed projects and understand that flashy editing, sounds and visuals are only as good as the core idea they seek to convey. From photo realistic cars to animated characters, we have the creative and technical specialists to create imaginary worlds at the highest industry standards.

04 / Edit. VFX. MGFX. Color. Sound.

Meet Our Core Team

Steven F. Moyer

Founder / Director

Dax Kimbrough

Managing Partner

Charles Paek

Partner / Director

Michael Deane

Executive Producer